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Listening is Vital!

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

In many traditional language courses, listening is neglected. Great emphasis is put on memorizing grammar rules. A great deal of reading is done. In communicative classes, speech is also emphasized. But for some strange reason, listening is rarely stressed. And yet, listening is the most VITAL part of learning a new language. Listening is how babies initially learn their native language. Listening is where speaking ability comes from. Listening is (mostly) how you rewire your brain for the new language. Yes, we all want to speak. But speaking is an outgrowth of "comprehensible input" seeing and listening.

Therefore, we advise our students to LISTEN to videos as much as they can outside of class.

Excellent links to listen to your target languages.

Portuguese - TV Brasileira

Italian - TV Italiana

Spanish - TV Latina

French - TV Française

German - Deutsch TV

All other languages - World TV

Singing along does wonders to your fluency.

Visit You Tube and search for target language songs with lyrics.

Have fun singing your hearts out!

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