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Portal to Spanish

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Learn Spanish the Natural Way!


The first language textbook designed for both classroom teaching and self-studying. Portal to Spanish introduces learners to the linguistically cultural rich Spanish-speaking world in the most effective way to learn the language spoken by almost 400 million people around the globe.

  • Focuses on speaking skills by introducing each lesson with a dialogue full of practical vocabulary and idiomatic expressions.

  • Includes English explanations only in the grammar section in each lesson to create an immersion learning environment.

  • Takes the learner through a fun journey to thirty Spanish-speaking countries or language communities.

  • Covers topics from basic such as clothing, shopping, eating, etc... To advanced such as relationships, politics and religion.

  • Provides an answer key to the practice exercises for successful self-study.

Portal Languages Portal to Spanish language school book

Gift Certificates

Give the gift of language and open a world of opportunities with our language school gift certificate. Delight your loved ones with the chance to learn a new language, connect with different cultures, and expand their horizons. Whether they have always dreamed of speaking Spanish, French, Mandarin, or any other language, our gift certificate offers them the flexibility to choose their preferred language and class schedule. With experienced instructors, interactive lessons, and a supportive learning environment, this gift certificate is a gateway to fluency and personal growth. Ignite their passion for language learning and give them a gift that will last a lifetime. Purchase a language school gift certificate today and watch their language skills soar!

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